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About us


About us


Peter Vidos
CEO & Founder

Peter has a decade of experience in building online products and services and selling them internationally. Built and marketed 4 products in 2 different startups in the last 5 years, Peter knows the do’s and don’ts of digital product development and he simply loves doing it.


CCO* & Founder

*Chief Cuteness Officer 

Zserbó has over 5 years of experience as an office dog. His flexibility in work is proved by the many different roles he already had during his career ranging from Chief Security Officer to Principal Mascot.


products we worked on

products we worked on


apptalk.ninja is a mobile developer tool that monitors the communication of the apps. As CEO, Peter managed the 3-month period of building the MVP and acquiring the first beta testers for the new system. apptalk.ninja won the local events of the Pioneers Festival and the Pirate Summit. Zserbó was the Principal Mascot of apptalk.ninja perfectly managing this crucial role of promoting the product on a non-existing startup budget.


TestJockey is the one-stop shop for beta testing mobile apps. Peter was the CEO of the startup building a mobile app developer tool. TestJockey acquired over a 100 users and won the Grand Jury Prize of the Hungarian Innovation Tech Show and the local event of the Start Tel-Aviv competition. Peter spent a week in Tel-Aviv, personally meeting with two of TestJockey’s direct competitors and came to the conclusion that the startup missed the window of opportunity thus convinced his co-founders and the investors to pivot - to apptalk.ninja.


FruitFlan is a visual dashboard for editors of online news sites. It shows all the relevant information about the content of the news site on very few, super-visual, easy-to-understand screens. 
Peter was the COO of the company behind FruitFlan and among other things he was recruiting beta testers, gathering their feedback and channeled it through product development. A year after we started the development of this new FruitFlan we had over 60 websites that were paying for our service. Peter won the Budapest event of Startup Sauna and spent a month in Helsinki in the accelerator program. For most of his time at this company Zserbó was Street Hustler, although he briefly acted as Principal Dog of Startup Sauna.


AdFlan is a contextual ad targeting service meaning it matched content people read with the ads shown to them. We built the MVP and successfully set up a local ad network based on the technology. We acquired international media clients and got seed funding. Peter was the COO of the company, his duties were ranging from coaching media agencies on the use of AdFlan and collecting feedback through international sales and investor relations to writing the actual info memo and making the business plan for the investors. Zserbó was the Office Mood Manager helping out the team in tough times with his cheerful attitude.


Peter recently joined EU Edge for a brief period where he was responsible for building experimental, labs products. In 2 months the MVP of SelfieHop was launched to help people with a desperate need to teleport their selfies around the world. The project was developed from minimal resources - developers took three-day shifts on it - yet it’s release received major press coverage. Zserbó took on yet again a new profession and acted as Chief Security Officer of EU Edge.